PAO Problem

I have problem in using pao system
I have made my pao system & practicing it from about 2 weeks
I have questions regarding to pao

  1. how you his visualise pao (focus on person face ,cloth or in action object or in locus ) ?
  2. do you interact person with locus
    My main problem is visualising person
    During recall time when I go to locus nothing comes even I am doing practice from 2 weeks
    I think there some problem
    Fex my image for 2 diomond is Robert Downey Jr as Ironman flying up object is head of Ironman suit
    A clubs is kert angle from WWE doing move with his Olympic Medel
    5 :heartbeat: is Robert Pattinson cooking with pan

For this card I will visualise
First Robert downy doing move with pan
Focus on face & hand with pan
Without interaction with the locus
Can anyone tell me my mistake or it is just lack of practice


Your problem is here…

Make sure that your P is linked to the location, so that you don’t have this problem…

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In the early stages of using PAO, you need to focus on absolutely all the details in order to absorb these images. And when you have already crossed the line of 10 minutes when memorizing a deck of cards, you should already try to scroll through the pictures faster and faster. Imagine that you are running through your loci and meeting a lot of people on your way, you do not have time to consider the details, what they are wearing, what kind of makeup they are on, etc. But you could already see the general picture.

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did he say that?

I think it’s just a suggestion for the future, when that point is reached.

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Ha. It was almost verbatim advice from a book by Dominic O’Brien. They convinced me to use people to indicate numbers. You need to get used to creating detailed pictures at low speeds, but when you have a strong connection between the number and the image, a rather blurry outline of the picture is enough. It was described in a book like this: “I see Elizabeth Taylor opening a bottle of champagne. Sometimes I see black hairs, sometimes I just need to sprinkle a bottle. Just rely on your wonderful memory.”

Dominic also advised using synasthesia. Although personally it seems to me that at modern speeds, when 20 seconds for a deck is already a tortoise speed, the sportsman actually has no time to call all-creating images. To imagine sound, touch, and even more so smell or taste requires much more time than creating just a visual image.

Only congenital synesthet is capable of this.

Do you use pao
How do you review your number images & pao cards through picture or mentally

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Good question. When I was at a very early period. I looked at a lot of people. His habits, movements. This all played a role, because most of my PAO`s are celebrities, it was not a big deal. When, in my opinion, I got used to them quite well, I began to use them everywhere. Even when I do the exercises, I don’t think the usual numbers, but I visualize the PAO images in front of me.