PAO list

Does any one have Indian PAO list ?

You might want to ask here: My POA - Bollywood Actors

You could look through the PAO System Examples page. (I haven’t checked recently, so I don’t know what’s in those lists.)

It’s only 100 images, so it might only take an afternoon or two to build one from scratch.

Check here before you force yourself into Major System consonant logic:


You blew my mind with this link.

Maybe it’s my Western bias. Maybe it’s just plain ignorance. But I honestly thought the modern Major system grew out of an idea that originated, as best as we can tell, with Herigone, a French mathematician, in the late 1500s. As far as I was aware, it was the first alpha-syllabic system developed for memorizing numbers.

Now you show me that the idea of substituting numbers with sounds likely originated 1,000 years earlier—if not more—in India.

As a Major fan/user, it amazed me that someone had come up with a system like this; I don’t think it would have occurred to me in several lifetimes. And it’s possible that Herigone came up with the idea of alpha/number substitution all on his own—just like the inventors of the light bulb, telephone, airplane worked along similar lines without knowing of one another. But now I can’t help wondering if the shipping trade routes through India that brought textiles and spices to Europe also may have brought information and inspiration as well.


Oh, you mean like the Fibonacci Sequence?

Katapayadi system

Im not getting this website or app
Im only getting Wikipedia page which is not enough pleaee provide me a link for Katapayadi system so that i can convert no. into images

रानी = 20


I have a suspicion that humans have been doing this since numbers were first used, though I’m not sure if they were using syllables.

It’s just speculation, but in Hebrew, the letters come from words, and then the letters were used for numbers in ancient times (apparently copying the Greeks).

  • 1 (A) - aleph literally means ox
  • 2 (B) - bet literally means house
  • 3 (C) - gimel - originally it might have been a kind of throwing stick or weapon
  • 4 (D) - dalet literally means door
  • etc.

The letter A in English/Latin is literally a rotated drawing of the ox’s head:


It seems likely that people who didn’t have paper would have figured out how to use those images when trying to keep track of numbers.

The Ancient Egyptians also used images that would have easily translated into mnemonic images:

The Ancient Greeks also used letters to represent numbers. If numbers were being written out as letters, it seems likely that someone would have started converting them to words.

I don’t know enough Greek to make words from it, but the letters ρκγΜ ͵δφξζ translate to 1,234,567, according to Wikipedia.

Someone with more knowledge of the history of numbers, and ancient history in general, might have other ideas about it — I’m just speculating. :slight_smile: