PAO for uneven lengths of numbers

Hi all,

The PAO system is good for strings of numbers in multiples of 3.
I just wondered how you handle a string of numbers that ends on the person (e.g. 8 digits) ?
Do you just imagine your person doing nothing ?

How about 10 digits? Are they doing an action to nothing?


Just create and additional PAO image on top of your existing 00 … 99 and use its A and O for remaining blanks.

I think I see what you mean, but if I do that I can’t distinguish between 11, 1111, and 111111

Not quite what I meant… you need an additional image in your system.

11 – --
11 11 –
11 11 11

where – represents one more PAO in your system, so they become:


Do you mean I need to think up another unique 100 PAOs just for these cases ? I struggled to come up with first 100 :joy:

I think I’ll just stick with the same persons just sleeping for a 11 or miming an action to cover the 1111 cases.

Sorry, just realised our answers crossed.

I understand now. I just need a dummy person, action, and object. Cool thanks!

yeah… should have just said that. :wink:

Regardless, for something short like 8 digits, I’d use PO + PO and make up whatever action… otherwise you are throwing away almost half the information.

You could also do PA + PA and let the A happen on something in that location. Just something to consider for short numbers. If it gets longer than 20ish the above makes sense.

I normally use a 3-digit system, but for credit cards, since the format is 4-4-4-4, I just do 4x OO using the 00 … 99 objects.

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