PAO - easier to think about Actions

Hello. I’m during develop my own PAO System. I want use this system for memory numbers in real time (for example: phone number). In lot of completed PAO System, the most of Actions are hard to imagine instantly (live, sell, protect, deliver, earn, collect, deal, try, read, stop). There must think up short story and i hard to make it instant. What if use Actions which are unambiguous and we don’t must creating story, because it’s complete (for example: runs around, fall on, flog, pour a bucket of water, bounces on the ground, bounce on, stumble over, fan) there are complex actions, but we don’t must thinking about it, many times these actions have objects, but another than Objects from PAO third element. It really could help with remember numbers in-real-time? Would it to distoub with somethink? What do you thinking about it?

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Search pao actions:

And you can get lots of suggestions.