PAO Advice

Hi All,
I have just created my PAO list. It took me an extremely long time to come up with 100 characters, items and objects using the Dominic System. I would decide on one character then find someone else or some object or action I liked better. I’ve read a few posts that say to make sure you have something you are comfortable with remembering forever. I initially created a word document (I realize Excel would have been easier) then created a Deck in Anki that had the number on the front, and the PAO on the back. One separate picture for Person, Action and Object via Google Image search.

I originally started the Major system to memorize Credit Card numbers etc. but found that it took me too long to come up with different words for various combinations and ultimately decided to try and scrap learning it all together. I really liked the idea of visualizing a number and always associating that number with a Person, Action, or Object.

I’m assuming I created way too much extra work for myself for trying to memorize such basic things… What other real life situations have you used PAO for? Also, when using the PAO for memorizing CC numbers, etc. should I be putting them in a memory palace after?