Palace station to Card PAO

When memorizing cards, I’m doing well with the card PAO sequence at each station in my palace, but often have trouble with recalling the link of the station to the P that starts the three card sequence. Any tips?

Try to visualize the person as more than an image.

Albert Einstein is an old but very clever man, he has a weird haircut, and he has that well known look over his shoulder while his hand is writing on the blackboard. Those are things you can include in the image.

The hulk is huge, loud and agressive. Whenever he is at one of my loci, the place will end up crushed.

Batman is mysterious, stealthy and will definitly say “I’m batman” in his distorted voice when I spot him.

Each person has their own way of doing things. Their own way of interacting with the loci.

I would say, practice without the AO for a few times, just place the P in your palaces. It will help you spot which persons are the toughest, but it will also help imagine what can make them unique in an active way as opposed to just their looks (which is passive)

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same problem to mi.
just search img on google.don recall speling

Excellent point. I will speak on that a bit. Add as many details and submodalities as you can. What are they wearing? What is the texture & color of their clothes? What does the pitch and inflection of their voice sound like? Are they expressing emotion? Are they angry, happy, sad, or confused…maybe scared or insane?

When you picture this person, is their image bold and bright or is it dull & jaded? Is it 2D or 3D?

You can even try enlarging or “supersizing” them. The more detail you add, the better it will stick with you. I agree with Mayarra on practicing just the P without the AO. I actually never thought of that and I think that’s a very useful exercise that I will try out!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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I like this. Funny that Hulk and Einstein are Ps in my card images as well. Only got to pick 52. Created many years ago. One question I have with this (and Camron’s comment below), is adding all the texture, detail, modalities will take additional time and possibly slow me down. But perhaps this is pre-work that I do on my P images. Second is about the link from the palace location to the person. So one of my locations is a bank ATM. I can quickly visualize Einstein at the ATM, but that doesn’t always stick. Will work on palace locations to just P’s for awhile.

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It will slow you down, but in training this is okay. It helps you get a better feel for your images. It will help you find characteristics that your mind eventually fills in without you choosing to, because they simply work.

As for Einstein at the ATM, my mind goes straight to me looking over his shoulder and him turning. He looks at me over his shoulder with his hand resting on the atm rather than on the blackboard, tongue hanging out and all.