P.A.O. system - numbers and persons basic rules


I had a look at Dominc System where anyhow you have some basic rules to apply to get your 2 letters from numbers.
Now I saw that many of you are using a personalized PAOL system where someone is using cartoons names, actors etc.
And It makes sense and I would prefer to go like this.
My only question is , in case I cannot recall which cartoon was linked to. given number, not using Dominic Rules or any others, I fear not to have an ‘‘emergency tool’’ to recover my number-person (and consequently object-action).
Thanks for any suggestions




Writing it down is a great “emergency tool.” But I think you may be surprised how easily your associations come to mind with practice.

(Michael Hall) #3

This is why I abandoned PAO. Sometimes I was blanking on initials even when using the system intensively every day. I offer two alternatives:

  1. Use Major System for objects 00-99. These objects will be the O’s in your PAO, so from object you can recall the associated person and action. For example, in the major system, 71=KT=cat, so the person might be Michelle Pfeiffer (or Halle Berry or another woman who played Catwoman) and whose action might be “petting”. It’s easier to remember the link from KT to cat than a link from KT to Kathleen Turner. There are lots of training tools, so you can stay up to speed on Major. However, if you still blank on a peg object, you’re pretty much hosed.

  2. So, I think a better idea is to use a freeform system. Almost 10 years ago, I developed one that I’ll be posting it here soon, though others have independently come up with the same idea. Basically, pick your people (or cartoon characters or whatever) as you wish and organize them logically so that if given “71” you can access row 7, column 1 (or vice versa) in your table. For example, “7” might be the Futurarama, and 10 Futurama characters would be arranged in some logical fashion. If you blank on what “7” is, then surely you remember “6” maps to the Simpsons or “8” maps to Family Guy, and from there you can remember Futurama. Then in Futurama, you similarly recall its peg 1, e.g., the main character of the show (Fry, I assume, I don’t watch it). If you still want PAO, you can associate actions and objects to the people/characters, but my system uses a more visual approach that I’ll detail when I post the system.


Thank you very much.
So Im working already on Majot System so I will try to expand it to PAO considering I have already object.
Don’t know if it will work but will give a try.
Personally think connecting say cartoons to actions was much logical but point is to connect or recall them to numbers which is worrying me a bit.
Anyhow best thing is ti try various options and see what works best.


I’d ask if you NEED a PAO system. If you’re not memorizing playing cards, or long strings of numbers for competition, I don’t think there is significant value. Starting with a Major System of 0-99 will give you a very strong foundation that can easily be expanded to cover 100-1,000 (and beyond) if needed. I’m not sure what benefits a PAO system (beyond 52) will give you. (Obviously, I’m not a user of the DOMINIC System!)

Of course, whatever works for you is what you should use. I’m just encouraging you to ask yourself first what you’re wanting to memorize and then what the best approach might be. It might not be worth your time to create a large PAO list without knowing why you’ll need it or how you’ll use it.