Other uses apart from memory for visualisation

I am working using image streaming to improve my visualization. So now, with improved visualization, I am wondering what things other than memory I can apply my visualization skills to.


This is the first time I heard of “Image Streaming” consciously, I will certainly look into it. How are your experiences so far?

I haven’t found any improvement in my actual visualisation skills, but I am starting to enjoy the rich worlds I can immerse myself in.



How long have you been practicing untill now?

Four, maybe five days. But before that I have been using memory tequninques which I have been using since June

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i would propose self-hypnosis as being a worthwhile use of your visualisation skills.

I’ve now found that my images are now more active. Before, I was describing still scenes, now I’m describing whole action scenes.` Also, I’ve used my image streaming to write poetry.