Organizing foreign language into palaces

sorry if this is already posted, but I’m wondering how to organize my foreign language mnemonics that I’ve developed from Anki. I feel this will help me to access a variety of words such as having a dictionary on hand. should I organize by letter, by category (such as education at school, cooking in the kitchen, sports at a tennis court?). the issue with the latter is the fact that objects already exist there that are already tangible. Do I remember the physical items and add “imaginary” ones as well? Example such as remembering items in my fridge, how will I have room to add the imaginary ones too? any tips on organizing this would be great. Go raibh míle maith agat! (Thanks a thousand in Irish)

I think there are different ways you could approach it. How do you plan on retrieving the words?

If you’re translating from L1 (native language) to L2 (foreign language), then maybe organizing your words in palaces based alphabetically. For example, all words that start with ‘A’ in your native language would go in one palace, or one group of palaces.

If you’re doing more reading and need to recall the meaning of a word, then you might organize the same way as above, but put words in alphabetical order of the foreign word.

I tend to look at mnemonics and memory palaces for foreign vocabulary as a way to do spaced repetition until the word is reflexive for me. This means that I no longer go to the memory palace to find the word. It just comes to me automatically, like in my native language.

I hope this was some help, and didn’t come too late for you. But I think in the end you will just need to try something. That tends to be the best approach for me, because usually the alternative is me thinking about it for so long that I end up doing nothing.

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Instead of alphabetically I was thinking more along the lines of placing “small talk” in one location, “kitchen, cooking, groceries” in another “electronics, technology” in another. But I believe what you mean if the perfect room to category isn’t so important. I’m just hoping I’ll be able to retrieve the info when in conversation. Someone mentions knife, I’d know to go to the kitchen. Remembering where the letter of the alphabet is is a possibility too. Not having enough contrast from location theme to new vocabulary word may not be interesting enough or may be confused with the actual objects.

I believe Im confusing the 2 techniques of pegs and memory palace. As a peg the word “microwave” in foreign language would be in the microwave area, but as a loci, it should be in a contrasted area like “wow, microwave in the garden” for better recall.

I’m only brainstorming, thanks for helping me clarify and just going for it :slight_smile: