Organized vs random layout palaces

Is there any benefit to having memory palaces that are more random in terms of their layout vs organized?

For example, my house, my parents house, the local library are all potential palaces and have very different layouts. This is what I mean by having “random layout” palaces. But there are historical examples of people trying to have a very organized palace. For example, an amphitheater with several rows of seats and at each seat is a different image. For example, Memory Craft mentions (p. 43) a hypothetical palace like this that was created by Giulio Camillo (d. 1554).

If I am right, you are talking about similar locations and different locations? If you use similar locations like the seats, you can mix up your images because you might think they are on seat 1 but are really on seat 3. Having locations that are different are way better since you don’t have to worry about mixing your images for the most part. How can you mix up a toilet and a bed!! haha