Optimizing Images for Walkthrough when encoding memosets


I love the software first of all and have been using it as one of my tools to encode semantic information in medical school. I have one issue with the formating of images for walkthroughs. I find in some cases where I create 10 locations/ picture and then do the walkthrough, I get cases where the zoom in feature doesn’t show up for the picture. I tried playing around with the location spot and it still results in the walkthrough feature not being effective for memorizing memosets. I wanted to know if anybody else has encountered this and if there are certain pixel dimensions for jpeg images or number of locations/location size that allows for the walkhrough to always zoom in on the image you have for each location.


Sorry for the very late response!

There does seem to be a bug with the positioning of images in some cases. From what I’ve seen it seems to happen with larger journeys and memo sets, though I don’t know the exact circumstances that cause the problem to occur.

In any case, we’re currently working on a new version of the software which involves rewriting the walk-through functionality in a simpler way, so this problem should be fixed in the new version.

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