Optimized accidents: longest memory streak

So id like to get guidance and show off for my proudest long term feat which was a total accident.
Like I mentioned in my clock and chess method having a way to organize your info is key.
One thing that struck me as unusual is that I remember from very little from my life but I remember the key pad code to our house which I programmed based off my Bombers Club password from Majora’s Mask, a Nintendo game in the 90’s. Using it every day creates muscle memory but the distinct sound tone and pattern is what is most unique.
First I visualize the Bomber characters all lined up and creating the code. But even then it isn’t memorable. So I remember my door keypad and visualize that. Then I remember the sound of the tones and buttons being pressed while visualize the act. And that cemented the only secure number I rarely use and had retired and forgotten for about five years.

That’s my record for info. Hope this helps and can be modified with my clock and chess methods.

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Memory is by many understood as a proces of reconstruction based on incomplete data. The memory gaps are filled using educated guess work by the unconcious brain. Getting back to your experience: it is possible that the sounds and the toned of the buttons being pressed are the educated guess part of the memory reconstruction and that the code was retrieved in some other way.

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I love improv and random yet related content in things like role playing games and creativity. I’ve had previous advice to make content disturbingly absurd by some sources and can still remember pieces from a palace which I have a locations and their association will probably come up. But the effort to learn and sustain a 30 or more palace at the time was too difficult to visualize. Perhaps if I used a organizer that is for categories and I can see the whole thing at once that will be best. I’ll try adding sounds too. Per haps the location is too taxing because it’s a series of mementoes instead of a layout of all categories in one snapshot. If I had a floor plan that would probably help. Thanks!