Online Memory League Season 3!

(Ben Pridmore) #1


Okay, it’s time to talk about the next season! There are still playoffs that need to be played in season 2 - please let me know if you need any help to arrange them.

If you want to know anything about how the league works, ask here! And if you want to join season 3, please say “I want to join” in this thread! (Please only say that if you understand what the league is. It means you have to play a match every week for the next three months.)

I think we should start the new season at the start of June. If you go the Memory League site now, you can see it’s MEMORY LEAGUE MAY! If you play three matches or training sessions on at least 28 days in May, then you get a FREE THREE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION! That should mean everybody can have a full subscription for the whole of season 3! :slight_smile:

(Silvio B.) #2

I want to join


I want to join

(Ben Pridmore) #4

Great! What’s your username on ML?



(Dietmar P.) #6

In the meanwhile I got used to my new situation, and the Memory League May brought me partially back into training, so I would like to join again.

(Ben Pridmore) #7

We now have 63 people signed up! There are a few notable people who have not told me they want to play - Simon Orton, for example? Please say now if you want to join in!

The current line-up has 27 people ‘qualified’ to be in the top 3 divisions, so to fill out the full season, some people can be ‘promoted’ based on their current leaderboard ranking. I think there are two basic proposals we could use, shown in this diagram.

Proposal 1 - 5 divisions, with 12/14 players in each.
Proposal 2 - 5 divisions, with 10/12 players in each, and two equal division 5s.

Which do you prefer?

(Ben Pridmore) #8

Here are the players who have signed up, and the divisions they are allocated to in the two proposals.

That is, if we use current leaderboard rankings to determine promotions - there are other ways, like for example position in the divisions last season.

(Silvio B.) #9

I would prefer Proposal 1.

But shouldn’t Kevin Schulz be in Division 1? If he had got the chance to play the playoff match, he might have won and could have been promoted to Division 1.

(Ben Pridmore) #10

Yes, I think you’re probably right about that, and other people agree with you too.

(Simon Orton) #11

Sorry Ben, I was assuming people who played last season would automatically stay in for season 3. I’m in!


Any chance of including me in ML season 3? I know i am a bit late for that.

My ML account name: Thyroxine101

(Ben Pridmore) #13

No problem, you’re just in time! That makes 67 players, and from all the feedback, a division structure like this would work best:

Edit - Yanjaa has joined in; some ‘lucky losers’ who were bumped up a division now get bumped back down again. The latest division breakdown looks like this:

If there are any strong objections to this, please let me know! Match schedule will be drawn at random tomorrow, if there aren’t any particularly strong objections :slight_smile:

(Dietmar P.) #14

Gosh, last place in the last division. Seems that I have to do more training again :^)


Since a new season is starting, I’ll also drop the link to my statistics spreadsheet again:

It contains data from more than 10’000 ranked ML matches that have been played since the beginning of December, 2018. You can check out how well your OML opponents have performed in ranked matches, and hopefully it can give you a clue on which disciplines might be good for you to pick in your games. :slight_smile:

Since the spreadsheet also got quite some workload lately, I’ve branched out a couple of the statistics features into a separate spreadsheet. I hope this will make the overall experience of using the spreadsheet a bit snappier. :slight_smile:
You can find the 2nd spreadsheet here:

I guess the most interesting thing in the second spreadsheet, is the projected league standings. Based on your current best scores in ranked matches, it gives you a prediction for how each of the games in your division will end, and ultimately how the league table would look like at the end of the season if that was completely true. :smiley:

(Ben Pridmore) #16

Hi everyone - there are four people who’ve asked to join the league, having missed the sign-up, and there are two people (Majdedeen and Godchaser82 in division 5a) who haven’t responded to anybody trying to get in contact with them. I’ve proposed to add Nicety and Yip Zhong Jie to division 3 (based on last season), making it 12 players, and add Fabian and Erol Ozvatan to division 5a, replacing the two drop-outs.

This would add two new play-off places at the bottom of division 3 and the top of division 4a/4b, looking like this:

And the division 3 schedule would be rearranged to look like this:
Match week 1 02/06/2018
Andrej Savickij 4 - 2 Evelyn
Sanchit Sharma - Nicety
Corinna Draschl - Yip Zhong Jie
Bartłomiej Boral - Braden Adams
Guillaume Petit-Jean - Mohamed Ramadan
Lahcen Oulhadj - BurningDesire
Match week 2 09/06/2018
Nicety - Andrej Savickij
Evelyn - Lahcen Oulhadj
BurningDesire - Guillaume Petit-Jean
Mohamed Ramadan - Bartłomiej Boral
Braden Adams - Corinna Draschl
Yip Zhong Jie - Sanchit Sharma
Match week 3 16/06/2018
Bartłomiej Boral - BurningDesire
Guillaume Petit-Jean - Lahcen Oulhadj
Evelyn - Nicety
Andrej Savickij - Yip Zhong Jie
Sanchit Sharma 4 - 2 Braden Adams
Corinna Draschl - Mohamed Ramadan
Match week 4 23/06/2018
BurningDesire - Andrej Savickij
Mohamed Ramadan - Nicety
Braden Adams - Yip Zhong Jie
Bartłomiej Boral - Evelyn
Guillaume Petit-Jean - Corinna Draschl
Lahcen Oulhadj 2 - 4 Sanchit Sharma
Match week 5 30/06/2018
Nicety - BurningDesire
Andrej Savickij - Lahcen Oulhadj
Sanchit Sharma 5 - 1 Guillaume Petit-Jean
Corinna Draschl - Bartłomiej Boral
Braden Adams - Evelyn
Yip Zhong Jie - Mohamed Ramadan
Match week 6 07/07/2018
Corinna Draschl - Andrej Savickij
Bartłomiej Boral - Nicety
Guillaume Petit-Jean - Yip Zhong Jie
Lahcen Oulhadj - Braden Adams
BurningDesire - Mohamed Ramadan
Sanchit Sharma 6 - 0 Evelyn
Match week 7 14/07/2018
Evelyn - BurningDesire
Mohamed Ramadan - Lahcen Oulhadj
Braden Adams - Guillaume Petit-Jean
Yip Zhong Jie - Bartłomiej Boral
Nicety - Corinna Draschl
Andrej Savickij 1 - 5 Sanchit Sharma
Match week 8 21/07/2018
Yip Zhong Jie - Nicety
Guillaume Petit-Jean - Evelyn
Lahcen Oulhadj - Bartłomiej Boral
BurningDesire - Corinna Draschl
Mohamed Ramadan 1 - 5 Sanchit Sharma
Braden Adams 5 - 1 Andrej Savickij
Match week 9 28/07/2018
Corinna Draschl - Lahcen Oulhadj
Bartłomiej Boral - Guillaume Petit-Jean
Evelyn - Yip Zhong Jie
Nicety - Braden Adams
Andrej Savickij 2 - 4 Mohamed Ramadan
Sanchit Sharma - BurningDesire
Match week 10 04/08/2018
Lahcen Oulhadj - Nicety
BurningDesire - Yip Zhong Jie
Mohamed Ramadan - Braden Adams
Corinna Draschl - Evelyn
Bartłomiej Boral - Sanchit Sharma
Guillaume Petit-Jean 4 - 2 Andrej Savickij
Match week 11 11/08/2018
Yip Zhong Jie - Lahcen Oulhadj
Nicety - Guillaume Petit-Jean
Andrej Savickij - Bartłomiej Boral
Sanchit Sharma - Corinna Draschl
Evelyn - Mohamed Ramadan
Braden Adams - BurningDesire

If anyone has a problem or query about this, please let me know! :slight_smile:

(Silvio B.) #17

Are there any news about when the league page will be updated with the playoff opponents? I think I’ll be playing against Braden Adams but I don’t really have a way to contact him since I can’t send a note yet.

(sanorita bonita) #18

new member 006india