Online Memory League Season 2 playoffs

(Ben Pridmore) #1


The league tables on the ML site have been updated with withdrawn players. All the matches that affect promotion/relegation have now been played, except one - we’re missing a match between Katie and Lance in division 1, unless I’ve missed it somewhere. If you can’t play it, I’ll have to count Lance as forfeiting, and falling into the playoff places.

Division 1 finals - the semis will be Alex vs Marcin and Katie vs Simon.

Division 1/2 playoffs - Lance/Marlo vs Kevin and Jan-Hendrik vs Sylle with the winners promoted to division 1

Division 2/3 playoffs - Silvio vs Corinna and Lars vs Nikolay
[Alex G can’t play his last two games - this has a slight effect on the two playoff places; it seems fair to exclude the game between Alex and Silvio from the calculation, which means Silvio finishes 11th and Lars 12th]

Division 3/4 playoffs - Niklas vs Simon Orton and Francis vs Rebecca (Evelyn)
[The tie-break between Evelyn and Nasser is that Evelyn has won more matches - their disciplines won and lost were exactly the same, and the match between them was a draw]

There are no division 4/5 playoffs because eight people have withdrawn from division 4. Only three people go up from division 5a, so five go up automatically from division 5b, including Idriz.

PLAYOFF FORMAT - if you’ve forgotten, like me, the playoffs work like this: you play EIGHT disciplines; each player chooses FOUR different disciplines. The first-named player chooses first, then the choice alternates as usual.

If it ends 4-4, then you go on and play more disciplines (starting afresh, you can choose any discipline the first time) until one player is ahead by 2! First one to get a two-game lead wins!

Thank you all for playing, and I hope we’ll see you in Season 3 soon! :slight_smile:

(Simon Orton) #2

Niklas beat me 5-3 in our playoff for Division 3.