Online Memory League - Season 2 - Division 5a

(Simon Orton) #1

This is a thread for discussion of the Online Memory League Championship, season 2 (Dec 2017-Mar 2018), division 5a.


Hi Roger, next week i will be able to play every day from 11AM to 10PM (french hour GMT+1)
So it depends on you, i added you on facebook


Chevroy Lindo? Have you seen my comment on Memory League? If you have contacted me in any other way, I might not have received it.
“I’m traveling in China - which country are you in? Does US Pacific Time afternoon work? Maybe we can wait for a few more days? Please reply when you can.”
I’m hoping you can reply soon. Thanks! Memory League page or this forum works fine. Or you can private message me through

(Ben Pridmore) #4

Division 5a has been having a little difficulty getting up and running - we have two new players replacing people who have withdrawn; Max Dietl (Max) and Piotr Tyrakowski (previously rzycie to rzart). Let’s get some exciting games going! Check out the pairings on the website, and let me know if you need help arranging matches. :slight_smile:

(Ben Pridmore) #5


There are a lot of drop-outs here. Shall we say thank you to everyone for playing, and say the winners are Max, Alois and Patrycja, who have played as many games as they can? We’ll try again next season :slight_smile:

Max and Alois are automatically promoted, Patrycja is in the play-offs.