Online Memory League Championship, season 9!

Registration is now open for season 9 of the Online Memory League Championship!

For the rules and to register, see the League page.

The regular season will run from 3rd August to 13th September, with the playoffs and finals in the second half of September.

This season, there’s a requirement that people must have played at least 5 rated matches in each event to participate. You can see your current status regarding this on the registration page.

Registration is open until 30th July. Please only register if you are committed to playing your league matches. It’s more fun when everyone plays their matches!

I’ll keep this post updated with the list of registered players as registrations come in.

Registered Competitors

Memory League Name Art of Memory Forum Name
Abraham Saynes @Abrahamsaynes
Abstractguy @Abstractguy
Ahmed Gabr @Ahmed2008
Alexander Panfilov @Alex92
Al Houseen Hekal @AlHouseen
Anastasia Woolmer @Nicety
Andrea Muzii @AndreaMuzii
Andrej Savickij @Sava
Anthony Da Fonseca @Likewater
Arnaud Fegman @Arnaud_Fegman
a.l. @a.l
batman @batman
Ben Pridmore @Zoomy
Boris Konrad @Boris
Braden Adams @BradenExplosion
Brainrunning @Brainrunning
Bruce W. @Bruce99
:fire:BurningDesire :fire: @BurningDesire
:zap:Byambaaa17 :zap: @blabla17
Charmat Abderrahman @abderrahman1672
Christian Schäfer @Christian
ClaireBookworm @ClaireBookworm
Daniel Evans @DanEvans
dimimore @Dimimore
Emma Alam @EmmaAlam1
Erol Ozvatan @Erol
Eugene @Stanichnikov
Florian Minges @FlorianMinges
Frank Grube @FrankGrube
Guillaume Petit-Jean @guillaumepetitjean
himik @Himiklan
Ilya Gubenko @Ilya_Gubenko
Johannes Mallow @Hannes
John Graham @Johnnyworldwide
Katie Kermode @katiek
Kazuki @KAZUKI
Kevin Schulz @Philodoof
koba @koba
k.joy5 @k.joy5
Leonid_Rakhmanov @Leonid
Luisi @SimonLuisi
Max @MaxiDi
Mohamed Ramadan @mohamed22
nabeel.cofw @nabeel.cofw
Naoki Miwa @NaokiMiwa
nELSON @climbformemory
Paweł Duraj @pawelduraj
QuaraMan @QuaraMan
Raja Dodve @Rajadodve786
ROWAA’ @Rowaa
Sanchit Sharma @Shasan
Silvio B. @SilvioB
Simon Orton @Simon
Simon Reinhard @SimonReinhard
Sylvain Arvidieu @Sylle

I am in


iam in


i dont know how to sign in online memory league championship season 9???
i dont now how???


I want to get in


I am in :slight_smile:


yeah i’m in also


I would like to take part please !

Thank you Simon !

1 Like!/league/register you can do it here

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I’d like to take part too.


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iam in

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i am in this is my first memory league

Hi @JACKSON007, near the top of the League page you should see a blue box with a link to register.

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@Simon I am in! :slight_smile:

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In :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be great if we can have more strict rules regarding playing your matches this time.
Like if you did not play any match on August 24th, you are out (besides if you can prove you honestly tried to arrange matches with the first three opponents). Similarly, closing date should be fixed and not move further back.

Maybe even, for the future, only allow matches to haven in the given week and have people mark their avaibility upfront.


I also have one questions ,

In previous League match (season 8)
One of my opponent didn’t play any single match.

Why ?

If someone really wanna compete then why he can’t join match.

Kindly request for those , who really wanna to play and have enough time then registered.

I am in!


I registered today!! Can’t wait :smiley:


Last day to register today, if you haven’t already.

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Hi is it still possible to register ? :cold_sweat: