Online Memory League Championship, season 7!

waiting ???

Are you asking what time the matches are? If you participate in this competition, you have to arrange with your opponent and find a day and time that suits both.

Regarding the timeline of the competition, as stated above: “The season will run from February 17th to March 29th, with playoffs starting on March 30th.”


I wish to participate in this competition. I used the link provided and found no sign up form. Please sign me up.

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Count me in.

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Registered players, please confirm your participation here:

Confirmed players:

Memory League Name Art of Memory Forum Name
Alexander Panfilov @Alex92
Al Houseen Hekal @AlHouseen
Andrej Savickij @Sava
Andrey Safronov @AndreySafronov
Anh Nguyen @anguy323
ClaireBookworm @ClaireBookworm
Daniel Evans @DanEvans
david.petrosius @DPetrosius
Erol Ozvatan @Erol
Eugene @Stanichnikov
Finwing @Finwing
GildedTruffle @GildedTruffle
Hordiy Ostapovych @Hordiy
iamlilelectra @Sarojjjjjjj
Ilya Gubenko @Ilya_Gubenko
Jan Zoń @zonjan
Johannes Mallow @Hannes
John Graham @Johnnyworldwide
lemming @lemming
Léo Lebarque @Wist
Leonid_Rakhmanov @Leonid
LevKArpinskyy @LevK
Lvx_04 @LucasforV1
Luis Angel @aemind
Luisi @SimonLuisi
matkow @matkow
mccartney @climbthemt
Mnemosaynes @Abrahamsaynes
Mohamed Ramadan @mohamed22
Paweł Duraj @pawelduraj
Prozac rd @mohamedhichem
QuaraMan @QuaraMan
Raja Dodve @Rajadodve786
Sanchit Sharma @Shasan
Saw Yen @Sawing100Yen
sfep @sfep
Silvio @SilvioSDF
Silvio B. @SilvioB
Simon Orton @Simon
sirc @sirc
Sylvain Arvidieu @Sylle

Where is my name ?

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You clicked yes in the poll, your name will be added don’t worry.

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Hi all,

The divisions and schedule for season 7 are now up on the Memory League site.

Points to note:

  1. You can indicate your availability over the next week by clicking cells in the Availability table on your division’s page in Memory League. The times are in your local time zone.

  2. Below the Availability table is a link to a message here in the forum where you can arrange match times with your opponents.

  3. Once you have arranged a match, please enter the date/time into the Schedule field on the Memory League site, so that the match time will appear on Memory League’s home page. The date/time should be entered using the format yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm in your local time zone.

  4. The player listed first (on the left) in the match schedule has the first choice of event. The choice then alternates until each player has chosen three events.

  5. Please choose the “League” option for the game type, so that the league games can easily be identified.

  6. As voted above, the rule for this season is that a player cannot choose both Names and International Names in the same match. You can only choose one or the other - or neither, if you prefer!

  7. Please don’t change your user name in Memory League during the league season. This will cause everything to fall apart :slight_smile:

Good luck, everyone!

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Hi @Sarojjjjjjj,

Although you confirmed to play this season, I didn’t include you in the schedule in the end because it looks like you have never actually played Memory League before. I think people need to have some basic understanding of how the various events work before joining in a league season.

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Yes i have never played this before

I guess I’ve confirmed my participation.

@comeon - I included you although you didn’t confirm because you played last season and clearly you understand what’s involved. If you want to drop out, just let me know - no problem.

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I also want to participate in season 7 in ml

Hi Rani, sorry but registration for season 7 ended on 12 February. There should be another season in 2 or 3 months which will be announced here in the forum and on the Memory League site.

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Some players have asked about the weekly schedule of matches. The schedule is just a suggestion and it’s fine not to follow it. Just try to play everyone before March 29 when the regular season ends and we move into the playoffs.

If you haven’t already done so, please enter your availability on the Availability table on the League page for your division, so you and your opponents can find a mutually convenient time.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them here.

Thanks everyone!


Another frequently asked question: how do we identify that a game is a League game?

Normally, you need to choose the game type of Friendly or Rated before you start a game. When both players are in the league, there will be an additional option of League. Choose that for games that are part of this championship.



Mr Orton, I am schedule to play with Sean tait. I can’t find his contact info up there on the list. Can you please help?

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Sean’s Art of Memory username is @SeanTait.

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What is Ale2004 on artofmemory please? I can’t see him listed above either.