Online Memory League Championship, season 4!

(Grzegorz) #63

It seems that we cannot watch League matches, they are treated as unrated.

(Ben Pridmore) #64

@JamesW - Yes, that’s right. If you need any help contacting your opponent, let me know, but the best way is to give them a message on the Memory League website. You can play them all at once if you like (most people do), or you can gladly spread them over a few days if you prefer. :slight_smile:

(Silvio B.) #65

Yes, I can’t see the matches either. They only appear after they are finished. @Simon I think other people have noticed it too.


Many thanks, Ben. :slight_smile:

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(Simon Orton) #67

@Grzegorz, @SilvioB Sorry about that - it should be fixed now!


Hello all,

I can not contact anyone in MML Season 4 trough the notes.
But when I change to MML Season 3 it would function (it gives me a button to send a message).

I got told by Ben that I get in touch with @Simon for this kind of problem . Is that right?

Thanks for any answer.

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(Simon Orton) #69

Hi @QuaraMan,

Sorry, I think it should work now.

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HI @Simon ,
thanks for this! Yes it works now.

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Hi, I can’t contact my opponent - “T Tenuun”, what am I to do?


when will be next time competition…>>.<<…?
I wish to join division 5 next time
AOM & ML name: Antelex
Facebook name: Antelex Tang


Simon, when I want to send my comments to Yanjaa it says “Sorry, the notes could not be sent.” Is there a bug? Can you look into it?

(Simon Orton) #74

It looks like she changed her username. It should work now.


Thanks, Simon :slight_smile:


It’s very hard to get your opponent to arrange the dates and times to have the league matches.

One of my opponents took about 35 lines of texts and about 5 weeks of waiting to arrange it, and because he was not a paid member he could only play 3 games at a time. I had to arrange another date and time for the next 3, luckily he did turn up the next day for the remain 3 games.

So it seems to take a huge amount of time to arrange matches.
Are you guys having the same issues as I am having?
any ideas how we can overcome this?
will it ever be possible to solve this issue? :slight_smile:

(Simon Orton) #77

Sorry to hear, Erol. We’ve made things easier in one way - League games no longer count towards the daily limits for people without full access, so you should be able to play all the games in a single session in future.


I’ve managed to play 5 matches so far in Div 5b and am waiting to hear back from three of my remaining 5 opponents. I’m unable to contact the other two, however. As with Philodoof above, I get the response ‘Sorry, the notes could not be sent’.

The two players I can’t contact are anik and selmo’i cu se nintadni, just in case there’s a problem and they haven’t received my messages - or have messaged me and I haven’t heard.


(selmo'i cu se nintadni) #79

I am very sorry; I got too distracted by finals last year and this slipped.


No problem, selmo’i cu se nintadni. I’m glad you’re still involved. I was worried that because my messages couldn’t be sent, you might have been waiting for me to contact you. Or that you might have tried to message me and hadn’t been able to get through.

I hope your finals went well. I can well imagine they would take up a lot of time.


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i would like to join in, where can i sign up?

(Ben Pridmore) #82

Finishing off the season! I think the best thing to do is to remove the people who have only played a small number of games, and then arrange to play the few remaining games. Then we can all start again with season 5! :slight_smile:

Division 1 is all finished except for the game between Simon R and Alex G - I hope they can arrange to play the game, and then move on to the semi-finals.

Division 2, if we remove Byamba, Shijir and Tenuun, is complete! :smiley:

Division 3 has these matches remaining, with Nikolay and Anastasia removed:
Are you all okay to try to finish the games?

Division 4a has these games remaining:
Can you play these last remaining matches?

Division 4b has these games left…

Division 5a is finished if we drop the last couple of stragglers, so unless anybody objects, let’s declare these the final results:

With Leonie back in Division 5b, there’s just one game to play - against Ian