Online Memory League Championship, season 4!

(Grzegorz) #63

It seems that we cannot watch League matches, they are treated as unrated.

(Ben Pridmore) #64

@JamesW - Yes, that’s right. If you need any help contacting your opponent, let me know, but the best way is to give them a message on the Memory League website. You can play them all at once if you like (most people do), or you can gladly spread them over a few days if you prefer. :slight_smile:

(Silvio B.) #65

Yes, I can’t see the matches either. They only appear after they are finished. @Simon I think other people have noticed it too.


Many thanks, Ben. :slight_smile:

(Simon Orton) #67

@Grzegorz, @SilvioB Sorry about that - it should be fixed now!


Hello all,

I can not contact anyone in MML Season 4 trough the notes.
But when I change to MML Season 3 it would function (it gives me a button to send a message).

I got told by Ben that I get in touch with @Simon for this kind of problem . Is that right?

Thanks for any answer.

(Simon Orton) #69

Hi @QuaraMan,

Sorry, I think it should work now.


HI @Simon ,
thanks for this! Yes it works now.


Hi, I can’t contact my opponent - “T Tenuun”, what am I to do?


when will be next time competition…>>.<<…?
I wish to join division 5 next time
AOM & ML name: Antelex
Facebook name: Antelex Tang


Simon, when I want to send my comments to Yanjaa it says “Sorry, the notes could not be sent.” Is there a bug? Can you look into it?

(Simon Orton) #74

It looks like she changed her username. It should work now.