One specific route to function as a "table of content"?


Hello, everyone. I hope you all is well with you today.

I have made myself a few routes (not sure if I am using the right word here, so please correct me if not…is loci a better word perhaps?), and I have wondered how I can memorize the routes that I have. Then I thought that perhaps one could use a specific route as a table of content. Has anyone tried this? For example this:

Let’s say you have made 4 memory routes:

  1. US presidents – location: my room
  2. First 50 decimals of pi – location: my kitchen
  3. Organic chemistry – location: mother-in-law’s house
  4. Different types of coffee – location: a local café

Now let’s say I one day want to have an overview of all my routes. Will it be a good idea to have my own route for a table of contents where I can sort of add new content along the way? An example of a table of content route could be the way to my old school, like this:

  1. Outside apartment – Lincoln
  2. Outside neighbours apartment – A pie
  3. Outside the local store – A large molecule
  4. By the bridge – A large cup of coffee
  5. End of the bridge – [ready to be added]

Any input whether this could be a decent way to store a table of content? Any other suggestions or comments? Let me know if anything I explained was unclear. Thanks!

(Werner Peters) #2

I am being tutored by a memory expert, and this is exactly what he does. He has one memroute that serves as an index (or table of contents) for all his routes.

(Josh Cohen) #3

Peg lists also work for that. I use number shape images to keep a group of 10 memory journeys in order.


Thanks for sharing!


Cheers, Josh. I will read up on this.