One of the best artificial locations(maps) for memory palaces

I just found, i mean realized, remembered about one of the best maps to use for memory palaces. Day R post apocalyptic survival game on play store.

I got to know that i could use virtual locations for memory palaces. I’m a big fan of Pokemon games. I thought about using Pokemon game maps for memory palaces but i thought it might not work out. Too unrealistic, you don’t actually remember much routes, it feels like i kinda figure it out while moving in the game. I’m talking about first generation Pokemon games. Like Pokemon FireRed, leafgreen, etc. Please do give day r a try. It’s realistic enough and it feels like you’re traveling on richly detailed Google maps. I believe Google maps are bad idea for memory palaces. I dont think the routes would stick in my mind or it might be difficult to remember because you can’t actually travel on the maps. But in case of day r, you actually feel like you’re traveling on the maps. It greatly helps in remembering routes, locations, directions and they’d stick well in your mind. And unless you’re avid traveller you can’t get enough locations for a lot of memory palaces. I believe remembering about day r game is a break through in my case. I was very worried how’d i solve the problem of knowing enough locations to use for creating memory palaces. Now i don’t. I am happy now. And I am very rarely genuinely happy.