On the absurdness of mental images


Turns out, images that are used for a memory palace of some sort don’t need to be bizarre to better be remembered. Out of the many sources I have read that described memory techniques, all of them had one thing in common: to make images more memorable, these should be weird or bizarre or gross or peculiar or whatever in order to improve retention. For my brain, though, it was somewhat costly for me to realize that, actually, my brain really does prefer slightly different things. Sure, they may be weird, but importantly, my brain pays attention to cuteness…

This, of course, is correlated with the fact that I am a weeaboo – sort of. And, across all those sources, no other memorizers were weeaboos, so I had to find what ways work better for me by myself. This is the cost, and the reward, of self-experimentation: you gain insight that you would otherwise probably not obtain, and you also become kind of your own master, since you are innovating by yourself.

Now… enough talk.