OML Season 4 - Division 4a

(Ben Pridmore) #1


AOM name ML name Facebook name
@ Edric Liew Edric Liew
@jwrig8 Jonathan Wright Davide Carosini Davide Carosini
@Brainrunning Brainrunning Jürgen Petersen
@Memory_Magician Livan Grijalva
@guilfoyled guilfoyled
@Finwing Finwing
@ 朱浩楠 Haonan Zhu
@Thyroxine101 Thyroxine101
@chrisforde Chris Forde Chris Forde
@Ignacy Ignacy
@faithdydx faith_dydx


Match week 1
Jonathan Wright - faith_dydx
Chris Forde - 朱浩楠
guilfoyled - Finwing
Brainrunning - Livan Grijalva
Edric Liew - Thyroxine101
Davide Carosini - Ignacy
Match week 2
朱浩楠 - Jonathan Wright
faith_dydx - Davide Carosini
Ignacy - Edric Liew
Thyroxine101 - Brainrunning
Livan Grijalva - guilfoyled
Finwing - Chris Forde
Match week 3
Brainrunning - Ignacy
Edric Liew - Davide Carosini
朱浩楠 - faith_dydx
Jonathan Wright - Finwing
Chris Forde - Livan Grijalva
guilfoyled - Thyroxine101
Match week 4
Ignacy - Jonathan Wright
Thyroxine101 - 朱浩楠
Livan Grijalva - Finwing
faith_dydx - Brainrunning
Edric Liew - guilfoyled
Davide Carosini - Chris Forde
Match week 5
朱浩楠 - Ignacy
Jonathan Wright - Davide Carosini
Chris Forde - Edric Liew
guilfoyled - Brainrunning
Livan Grijalva - faith_dydx
Finwing - Thyroxine101
Match week 6
guilfoyled - Jonathan Wright
Brainrunning - 朱浩楠
Edric Liew - Finwing
Davide Carosini - Livan Grijalva
Ignacy - Thyroxine101
faith_dydx - Chris Forde
Match week 7
Ignacy - faith_dydx
Thyroxine101 - Davide Carosini
Livan Grijalva - Edric Liew
Finwing - Brainrunning
朱浩楠 - guilfoyled
Jonathan Wright - Chris Forde
Match week 8
Finwing - 朱浩楠
Edric Liew - faith_dydx
Davide Carosini - Brainrunning
Ignacy - guilfoyled
Thyroxine101 - Chris Forde
Livan Grijalva - Jonathan Wright
Match week 9
guilfoyled - Davide Carosini
Brainrunning - Edric Liew
faith_dydx - Finwing
朱浩楠 - Livan Grijalva
Jonathan Wright - Thyroxine101
Chris Forde - Ignacy
Match week 10
Davide Carosini - 朱浩楠
Ignacy - Finwing
Thyroxine101 - Livan Grijalva
guilfoyled - faith_dydx
Brainrunning - Chris Forde
Edric Liew - Jonathan Wright
Match week 11
Finwing - Davide Carosini
朱浩楠 - Edric Liew
Jonathan Wright - Brainrunning
Chris Forde - guilfoyled
faith_dydx - Thyroxine101
Livan Grijalva - Ignacy

(Ignacy ) #2 when are you able to play ?


I am attempting to reach faith_dydx so we can schedule our match


Hi Haonan
looking forward to playing our week 1 match - when would you be available? I have some time on sunday 9th if you are free (0700 UTC), or some time next week ( generally UTC 0900-1000)


Can someone remind me how the league handles a no-shows? If I only play 5 matches because my opponents don’t respond and someone else plays 7 matches how are the end of the season standings effected? Thanks

(Ben Pridmore) #6

That isn’t something that can happen. Anybody who doesn’t play all their matches is removed from the league and any games they have already played are deleted from the league tables.

Of course, we hope nobody is going to drop out! :smile:


I may not be approachable near Christmas and New year(or may be a week more) So kindly excuse me for the matches in that duration. I will catch up soon. Thank you for cooperation.