Off-Topic Chat Question

Why does the “Off-topic Chat” contain posts that do not have the category “Off-topic Chat”?

For example, there are some posts that belong to the category “Technology and Computers”.

Also, the post that I’m replying to is marked as pinned, but it appears as the 18th item in the list (at the moment of posting).

Also, I can’t see the category “Technology and Computers” in the list of “all categories” at the top left of the page arrived at by clicking “Forum” on the top menu bar.


“Technology and Computers” is a sub-category of “Off-topic Chat”. If you go to the category view, you can see the sub-categories of sections marked with colored squares.

(If anyone prefers the category view by default, it can be changed on the user preferences page.)

Pinned posts will appear at the top until you read them. Then the forum automatically unpins them just for your account to move them out of the way.

If you click “all categories” and type “technology”, it should show that category as a sub-category under Off-topic Chat.