Of the 9 existing types of Intelligence, which one do you think you have and why?

Here the 9 types: https://blog.adioma.com/9-types-of-intelligence-infographic/


How do we determine there are nine, only nine and that they are these species?

I am skeptical about such classifications. OK, I’m skeptical about everything. In my experience psychologists, those involved in education all the more so, are prone to generate personality classifications based entirely on speculative theory and with no serious attempt to test their ideas in the real world. In reading the refs from that site I find nothing more than one set of conjectures built upon another and no experimental data to support it.

It seems reasonable to suppose that the brain has cognitive facilities that are specialized for certain kinds of tasks or situations. It uses this approach at a lower level, with vision and language, so perhaps there are subtle structures dedicated to certain kinds of work. It certainly seems to reflect my personal experience. But exactly what are they and how many is an open question. Can they even be neatly categorized? Plausible ideas that seem right are a treacherous foundation.

It’s as if the Physicists declared that all matter is made up of three elementary particles and just conjectured as to their nature without doing any experiments.


All except naturalist.
I understand very well and most of all what I want how I feel and what makes me respond in certain ways.

Visualisation after mnemonics is definitely heightened but I have been visualising before I have been speaking.

My brain has always been very rythmical, I used to struggle not to rhyme what I am iterating. I can also generally discern sounds well.

I have spent such a long time refining rote that my linguistic ability is quite pronounced. The way it works however is rather intrapersonal than interpersonal so it is about how I want to express myself often.

I really like mathematics, it’s been the subject that I have liked quite early comparatively to the others. Out of this I am also quite interested in mathematical logic as well as proofs. The mathematical maturity is reflective of the time spent, but I always come back to mathematics.

I have been thinking about why we live or die since I was too young to express it. It started with all the silly maybe everyone except me is an NPC equivalent because I’m operating my body.

Bodily-kinesthetic wise I tend to move well and learn complex motions quickly. I have played a lot of sports when I was younger and spent a lot of time training.

I’m also quite sensitive of people’s feelings so I generally know when someone is angry and hiding it or lying or otherwise.

Why not naturalist.
I have not spent a long time in nature, I’m likely not going to sync very well with birds and squirrels they will all run away. If a snake has the same pattern as a branch it’s likely I will accidentally pick up the snake if I am trying to pick up a branch. To me a bear still seems like a teddy bear so I may not make the wisest choice when confronted with a bear and any sort of fear may be extremely delayed. Maybe by spending some time with environmental biology, animal biology and some nature I would completely conquer this kind of category.

I don’t think these are all or even really sound categories. Never the less I answered the question.


I agree. Of all the billions of people on earth it’s very naive to think that we can just neatly compartmentalize everyone into 9 categories. However, as a caveat I think it’s safe to say we all have various combinations of each intelligence type woven into the fabric of our character. So while there may be only 9*, our individual breakdown of how much of each we have in us and which ones are more or less predominant in our personality are virtually endless.

*I still agree with you on the fact that it’s naive to say that there are ONLY 9.



Here in New Mexico, USA we have bears and lions in the forest, sometimes in the town. In fact there’s recently been a big cat seen near my yard. Be confident that if ever you do actually encounter a bear in the wild, despite your opinion of bears up till then, you will be very impressed and highly motivated to quit the scene.


And I do spend a lot of time in the wild and I seem to have a natural empathy with animals.

This raises the question: How much are these abilities due to training or environment and how much is innate?

Of the things I am fairly good at thinking about, some came quickly and some were a struggle at first.


You all make some good points. This does seem more like a phrenology type of item. It’s not really describing intelligences so much as habits, in my opinion. It’s the same as what was said by @zvuv . It may happen to you personally but it’s not very objective. I personally have found I too have some of these. Not one but many. I am body intelligent, linguistic and, now, mathematical. It just depends on disposition. Epi-:dna: tendencies do have a role as well as :brain: physiology. So it really depends what genes are activated or not, what areas of the :brain: are functioning the most and what you focus on against what you don’t. But I appreciated the challenge, so I remembered them while I was traveling around the city. :grinning: