Numbers ( Level 3 - Major system )

12 numbers ok… 18 number… umph… realized I had to change strategies very quickly as 12 was still tough and I got lucky.

a) I suspect once my pegs are more fluid I won’t waste so much time.

b) I seem to be able to link 3 images pretty easily ( 6 numbers ) so I only need to link 3 locations and that gives me 18 numbers again pretty easy.

I am spending the majority of my time recalling pegs. I can definitely see how having a 3 number system gives a nice advantage but I will struggle along with my 2 number system till I have it properly sorted.

I also suspect that once my pegs are sorted that my actual practice will be a lot more effective which should improve my learning rate. Of course, it might also just plateau unless/until I find a better strategy but I suppose that is the journey.

Good practice either way.


Getting closer…

180 seconds.

49 09 98 …
soap rope beef
soap on a rope with some beef ( have a shower and get ready to go out for dinner )
Fooled myself into thinking it was a rope on some soap. Doh! …

… 68 44 47 …
sushi lion rock
… went for japanese instead but I was hungry like a lion (oops Roar is a picture of a lion) standing on a rock …

… 38 43 38
movie ram movie
went to a movie, the movie logo wasn’t a lion it was a ram movie

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A bit of a breakthrough today. I had to go for a walk to pick up coffee and I worked through the image/numbers mentally during my walk. Today’s practice is much faster. A couple more walks and I should get this to fast enough to do something new.

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