Number 1's of

Hi, I’ve just listened to a contestant on a radio show who’s party trick was that he could tell you what song was number one in the UK charts if you gave him any date in the 80’s. How would you guys go about committing that to memory?


I am not sure how charts work or anything like is it a day, month, or a year thing? But for me to explain, let me use that it’s a month thing.

So you would have to have a location in your memory palace for ever single month for the 80’s. So you would need a total of 120 locations. Each location will contain the number one song of the UK chart for that month. The first location in your palace would be January 1980. The second location would be February 1980 and so on. Then on the 13 location, you would have January 1981 since the 13 location is the start of a new year.

From here, all you do is create an image for the song and even the artist if you want. Create a story with your images in the corresponding location. Then boom! You got them all memorized!

Does this make sense?