Now what? Practice drills?

Hi All,
I am now able to remember my PAO system and few of memory palaces that I have created.
My question is, as a newbie, what are the methods to start practicing on memory league? You know, which ones to start as a beginner, etc.

I feel if I do not systematically approach to practice I’ll be nowhere and I dont want to lose the progress that I have achieved so far.


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As a newbie , you can use this methods

  1. Cards - you can easily use 4 of clubs = Car
    Clubs = C
    Heart = H or R (your choice)
    Spade = S
    Diamond = D
    AND If you made your Pao for cards than that is better than this.

  2. Images = Generally all people use memory Palace for images but if you are a newbie you can start with peg system for images.

You can use different people way for making your peg

  1. Simon peg system.

  2. Erol Shape system

  3. Raja pronunciation system.

  4. Major peg system

  5. Arbitrary.

  6. Names = As a newbie you can easily use this approach by Ron white.
    Interact name with face .

Example - Name is Brian so you assume Brain every time. And connect with face.

Different face parts =
Teeth etc.

  1. International name - in int. names you can also use above method.

  2. Numbers - I assume that you are a begginer so in numbers you can use major system.

After that you can use Pao or Ben system.

  1. Words = In words you also use peg system or memory Palace.
    I think for words memory Palace is a better approach for beginners or athletes.



I am using the PAO system for this along with the memory palace. However, I still need to write the journey down in a journal, I still cannot map the loci and the PAO in order. Will share the progress on this.

I use the major system, need to research further into ROn White’s recommendations.