Noting 'what's that word?' during a conversation without much disruption

When I’m talking to someone I sometimes can’t remember the word I need.

How can I note this down very quickly without disrupting the flow of conversation?

If it’s an iTalki language lesson then I can simply record the whole lesson and then tap a button to note the time.

What can I do if I’m in a conversation with someone?

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This is something you would actually need to practice so it can come out more naturally during conversation. Let’s say you just learned the word comer in Spanish which means to eat. Have you seen the mad libs where you have blank spots for words then you have to fill it in? So you would use something like that that focuses on that specific word. I would have a mad lib that is missing just a verb since comer is a verb. Then when I am reading the mad lib out loud, I would try to think about the word and say it all in real time.

Hope this makes sense!


Tther way round. That is, when you can’t remember what the word is you want to use but you don’t want to interupt the conversation to look it up in a dictionary

One suggestion that comes to mind is to try to come up with the closest substitute word you can think of and memorize that word. You can try to recall it later in order to figure out what the missing word should have been.

For example, if I was having a conversation about selling real estate and was having trouble thinking of a word that means “the percentage agents get paid when they sell a house”, I might either commit the word “percentage” to memory—or, say I mistakenly coming up with the word “gratuity“. As long as I know it is wrong, I could memorize that word by, say, mentally placing it in a locus nearby. Either way, later on I would retrieve the word that I memorized.

Presumably, it would be enough to remind me of the conversation and, hopefully, that word would provide enough clues to figure out the word I really wanted.