Not so new Member: ChocolateMemory

Hello guys, I’d like to keep it short. As i believe that its better to know me by experiencing what its like to be with me.

This is my 3rd account, unfortunately i have lost all the other accounts that i had for this site (the emails associated with it, recovery emails, the username and password), the very first one was at 2015, then the second one was at 2017, well nothing much has changed though as I was a lurker from all those years, after 2017 I’ve lost interest in memory training and ended up forgeting about it, ironic i know, although now I’m coming back to it at 2020 and found to my great surprise that there’s now a lot of people around, this comminity has grown well over the years, and the site has added the games and challenges which back then weren’t even available.

Coming back to this forum is like a nostalgia trip and at the same time looking to experience new challenges and ideas that has been brought up by different people.

Well, so far:
The first thing I did is created my good old friend PAO. And assigned myself to memorizing lots of study materials perse which had always been my favorite task when it comes to mnemonics.

That’s all, I’m looking to have a great fun around and at the same time develop my cognitive capabiilities.


Welcome back :slight_smile: