Not Active anymore?

Seems like the old generations here is not active anymore?

Not as active as I used to be, but still active whenever I can answer something and no answer has yet been given :slight_smile:

Who are the old generations, if I may ask?

Haha, It’s just my opinion based on how long someone have been a member of this forum. No offense I’m not talking about age. Peace

That’s still quite good.

Hey Mayarra, I saw in some thread that your child practicing speed cards(?) if I’m not mistaken. What’s his/her and your progress now? I mean PB… it’s been a while now since you’ve been a member here.

I am getting solid sub-minute times, my personal best is currently 39 seconds

My daughter mainly likes to remember grocery lists, but she also likes numbers and cards. Her personal best is currently around 6 minutes but she can’t yet keep those times consistently.

That’s great!!
I think it’s good to start while you’re younger so you’ll have more time to practice mnemonics. Are you still continuesly practicing speed cards everyday?

she is just mainly having fun, which is the most important thing to me :slight_smile:

Not every day, but I do try to often sneak a deck in.