Normal PAO vs. Major PAO

I’ve heard a lot of different opinions when it comes to creating a memory system. Should I use the normal PAO system with random people, actions, and objects or the Major PAO system? I have found that normal PAO is generally easier to remember as far as the people go because I have more control over who I use, but with Major PAO the people are hearder to remember because they are more abstract. However, I have heard that in the long run Major PAO is better. Is this accurate and if not which one is better in the long haul?

I think there are many ways of using PAO and it mainly comes down to personal preference. You can even customize your system to make something new. An example: I borrowed ideas from several systems (mainly the Ben System) and combined them to make this.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to see the intro to memorizing numbers post.

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Thank you Josh for responding. Those posts were very helpful. One other question: If I chose do do a major PAO system should the person, action, and object be created using the Major System or just the person with the action and object being created based on the person? I know that this is also technically personally preference, but I would like to know what your opinion is.

I don’t use a PAO system, so I’m not sure what is best. I suspect that it doesn’t really matter as long as your mind can find its way back and forth between the numbers and images. You could take a look at some pre-made PAO systems for ideas.

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Ok thank you.

It is all personal preference. The major system is only there to help you come up with your images and help you remember them during the time when you are still learning. After a while, the numbers become your images.

Just look at your list of persons once you got it, if each has a natural action and object that can be characteristic for that person (so not repeating in your system) you can do that, if you have more trouble thingking of actions and objects, you can use the major system for those. In the end it doesn’t matter much.