Noob here

Hey guys…Love to be a part of this great community. My question for you all is

  1. According to Harry Loyrane we need to make our image bizzare and huge + he don’t support story making technique as he suggests us to concentrate 2 objects at a time.

  2. While according to Dominic O’Brien we need to make images logical and to use stories in his link system.

So how many of you guys think which one is more effective and why… :~

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Hi Biggie!
|it is really a personal choice, the best way is to check botch this methodes and choose that, which is better for You. Personally i use both this methodes i think it is good for your memorisation skills development.

Trying both methods is a good idea.

What are your goals? Are you using the techniques for school, personal development, or for memory competitions?

Well its for my personal development…right now m using these methods in Learning

  1. PHP
  2. Improving my English vocab as m not from a native English speaking country :stuck_out_tongue:

using mindmap to summarize each chapter + for vocab m using word power made easy by Norman Lewis.

I haven’t tried Loci so if you have Any suggestion plz fell free to let me know.

Definitely give the method of loci a try. :slight_smile:

There is a tutorial here that introduces some basic concepts:

Also, it’s worth reading at least one book by Dominic O’Brien. I recommend Quantum Memory Power and/or You Can Have an Amazing Memory.

Hi Biggie,

Maybe you know Anki, many people here use this app to do spaced-repetition.
There is an interesting anki shared deck with 4000 words (advanced vocabulary), it’s somewhat related to the GRE test, because the name of the deck is “GRE Words List”. I am currently learning this one, at first I was not aware of loci methods but now that I am using it, it works fairly better, even if I am a beginer concerning loci method. I have also to say that associating words with images, and storing them in a virtual places…is a funny occupation, it triggers imagination. Moreover, it’s an ability you could probably want to train to memorize other things with loci method.

Give it a try, and have fun :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link and for the books recommendation, I will definitely check that.

Haven’t tried Anki before, just after knowing from you I’ve checked some videos on youtube and must say it will be quite helpful in reviewing the vocab lists. Good to know you have tried Loci and working well for you.

I just read again your first post.
If you are also a mindmapper, I have to advice use to use the greatest (and free) app in da world : Xmind2Anki .
#Shameless Self-Promotion :smiley:

Man now that’s something, thanks a ton :slight_smile:

Both ways work; can you think of a reason why this is?

I have first learned harry’s method to remember list as he describes in his method that the image should be large and illogical also he says that the we need to concentrate on 2 items at a time and also advice us to avoid story method when I started reading domnic book he seemed little different then what was harry’s teaching. I have little experience with harry method but didn’t have any experience yet using Domic method…so just wondering if any of the experienced person can suggest which one works better…seems I have to figure it out myself… :stuck_out_tongue:

Some point bother me is

  1. Logical or illogical which do you think will work well.

  2. Story or the No story

Problem I found using no story method is you can sometime get confused with list of same thing

Like an eg.

if I have to remember 3 lists like

  1. Pen, Letter, Baseball , banana , chips, soda

  2. Cat , shaving cream, brush, Pen , ship

  3. Raincoat , firework , calendar , cat , brush, Diary.

So according to harry avoiding story rule and remembering 2 items at a time.

as you can see the list has Pen , cat , brush repeated 2 times

so if you will try to remember according to his way I get confused when recalling what next after each of the item , what you think …??

I’m not sure how Harry Lorayne’s system works. Both of them are top mnemonists. I think the method of loci is worth learning at some point.

One way is to link those items together an put them in a memory palace. I’d put two items per locus, so they would also be linked.

Journey #1 would have three locations:

  1. pen draws a large letter on the letter (to distinguish the image from “paper”)
  2. throwing baseballs at a banana
  3. chips dipped in soda

The reason I asked is that both ways are just different ways of creating associations in your brain.
This is the most important aspect. Create links, and links that you remember.
Try out different ways of creating links and keep the methods that give you lasting results.

Salut Bruno, quelles versions de xmind et anki dois-je utiliser pour que ça fonctionne ? Je suis sur Mac 10.11. Merci d’avance !

Not everyone’s brain is the same, but for some people what works is to make the images detailed, rich, involving other senses as much as possible.
For me bizarre works in the short term, not so much in the long term.