Nigeria Memory Championship 2019

Hello Everyone, my name is David Orok. I am an entrepreneur/engineer in Nigeria. I have benefited so much from learning how to remember better using mnemonics and memory palace technique which is very different from route method of storing information in ones brain. It is my deepest satisfaction to be on this platform which will indeed create more memory improving possibilities for me.

I am planning to host the first ever memory championship in Nigeria come October 2019, this is to also create more awareness of the memory techniques taught and used by memory athletes here and across the world.

Thank you very much for having me.
I am thankful.


Welcome to the site! Looking forward to hearing more about the championship. :slight_smile:

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Hi David,
How are you? I am so excited to hear this! Do you have an plan in place or anything I can review for details on the championship? I am also willing to help in anyway I can.

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Thank you very much Josh Cohen. I’ll tell you more about the championship competition as it proceeds.

Thank you swang.
I have a team of 5 Memory Athletes 2 memory athlete enthusiast in Nigeria.
The competition is intended to create awareness about the memory systems used by memory athletes used all over the world which can revolutionize education in Nigeria and Africa as whole.

The competition will include but not limited to the following:

  1. Numbers (Decimals and Binary)
  2. Playing Cards
  3. Poetry
  4. Names and Faces
  5. Alphanumeric strings
  6. Remember the Direction of Simonides

I really need all the help I can get to make the competition a successful one.
Thanks swang. We should keep in touch.


Awesome David! Yes, the intent of the competition is something I am also very interested in. To generate more awareness especially in Africa starting with Nigeria where students do a lot of rote memorization. This can help reduce stressful burden placed on many of these students. Please we should keep in touch.

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Sounds great, David!!! I am so happy that there are people like you! Do you plan to record this event? Will it be possible to check statistics after the tournament? Let us know!!

any new status on this? I am available to chip in.

Hi David,

How are plans for the championship going? How great it would be for you to document and share your journey, and inspire others in African countries to follow suit. In South Africa, we are still to have a national championship. You are doing a service for the continent! Make it happen!