New York USA here! Hello - Masterying memory tactics for my son

I first heard of mnemonics from a teacher at a computer school back in 97 because he went to a seminar by Trudeau (Mega Memory - Kevin Trudeau Mega Memory book link here

Then I just happen to read Andres Ericsson’s book “Peak” where he talked about how helped Joshua Foer with his journey to master memory. I forgot how Foer and Ericcsson connected with each other but Foer because part of a lab experiment for Ericcson. Of cours Ericsson mentions “Moonwalking with Einstein” so of course I head to read the book…which is how I ended up here.

I want to master the techniques used in Moonwalking with Einstein and what is on this forum. I plan to spend A LOT of time on this forum, going back to its beginning threads to learn as much as I can so that I can start my son towards the journey of mastering memory techniques for his school work (hes only 2 now but I plan on training him as early as possible).

I have Netflix so I plan on watching that “Memory Games” documentary.

I already am 1/3 through the book by Higbee - " Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It". book

Any other books suggestions or how to raise a child to have the tools in this forum in his tool box?

I hate how the american way of teaching and preparing children to be successful in life depends on how much information they can stuff into their brains and not other stuff like soft skills and working with others and how to think on their own, but unfortunately that is how it is and I will warn him how he needs to be prepared to memorize countless thinks in order to get good grades and be accepted into a good college.


When your son is old enough (maybe 6 or 7?) then you could read and work through it with him. Basically its a child’s introduction to mnemonic techniques , using the Knick Knack Paddy Whack/ This Old Man Song. Its written as a children’s story with lots of cartoon illustrations, a story of two children who keep forgetting stuff at home and school and who hit on the idea of asking their Granddad for help. Granddad teaches them the basic principle of remembering a list: a song and silly images.

"Now let’s go through the list of things that your
Mother asked you to do," said Grandpa.
“Item number one on your list is feed the cat.”
“Adam, what’s the memory peg for one?” asked
“One is Drum,” replied Adam.
"Right, so at number one let’s imagine that your cat
Cosmo is walking down the street early in the mom-
ing and he’s got a drum full of cat food on his back.
There’s a tap coming out of the drum and he’s eating
his breakfast from it! And he’s banging the drum with
his tail and waking up all the neighbours."
“That’s silly!” giggled Adam.
"Yes, and the sillier we make it, the easier it is to
remember!" Grandpa said.

Oh before I forget (HAH!) Welcome to the Forum. I’ve only been here a few weeks myself and there are some cracking posters here.

I would also recommend you get yourself a copy of Lynne Kelly’s “Memory Craft” and pay attention to her chapter on ‘Rapscallions’ which, she says, are great for children :
(Lynne Kelly posts here too as @LynneKelly btw).

I have done a bit of research on Mnemonic Techniques and I have never heard the name “Higbee” mentioned, i think-at least not in any meaningful way. Trudeau has a bit of a bad rep, although I believe Ron White started out selling and then using his techniques.


Wow!!! Thanks for your help. I am following your instructions TO THE LETTER!!!
Epic response to a introduction!!! EPIC!!!

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Please bear in mind that I do NOT know what I am talking about ie I have never tried to teach a child memory techniques , infact I am still learning the basics myself as I approach my ‘2nd childhood’! However I have an interest and have researched the topic a bit for the sake of Granddaughter 2 who started school in September.

The usual advice, from what I have gleaned during my wanderings through the world of mnemonics, is not to start kids on mnemonic techniques too early (around 6 or 7 depending on child seems to be the standard advice) however you could be teaching your son the Knick Knack song now (if you aren’t already) and I should imagine from what @LynneKelly has written you could start using Rapscallions with a toddler…in a very simple fun way of course. It occurs to me that the ‘Touch, feel and say’ (for example the picture of the lamb has a fluffy woolly coat for the child to touch) type baby books have something of the ‘lukasa’ about them. You could also , i should think, make a start of ‘pre-training’ for memory journey’s outside by teaching your son to really observe the details of your walks . For example you stop outside the neighbour’s house with the gnomes in the garden and point them out to your son, even at his young age.


Thanks! Sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel burdened with holding you to your instructions and possibly making you feel responsible if things are not perfect with your advice. No worries. I’m just happy someone responded at all. LOL!!!

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No worries, I’m not empathetic enough to feel responsible for anything (“Not Guility, M’Lord”), not the price of bread nor petrol nor yet even for Climate Change.
But to continue the topic of 'catch ‘em while they’re young and can’t escape’ one thing I know for sure from my 4 grandkids is that all toddlers LOVE youtube and will wear a groove in the carpet ‘dancing’ around to “Konis Hupen” (DO NOT YOUTUBE THAT! It is truly a ‘video nasty’). But you might introduce your son, even at his tender age,to

You can watch it together and talk about the ‘dinosaur bird’ and the ‘rolling pin monster’. Doesn’t have to make any kind of sense to your son although I dare say he will ‘get’ the BIRTHDAY CAKE scene.
If you recall your Foer, the hobo (just kidding Ben) memorising the cards is Ben Pridmore, umpteenth Memory Champion and Grandest Master Of Memory and he also posts here on occasion .


Wow! Thanks for the video link! You probably are light years ahead of me since you are already a parent and grandparent!! That’s awesome how Lynnkelly and Ben Pridmore has posted on this forum!! I would have never imagined that!!! Any other advice or wisdom from you will be awesome and accepted with gratitude!!!