New user - Vikash from India

Hi all,

My name is Vikash and I am very bad in remembering instructions.
I have heard from so many people that I am only good while bragging about myself and when it comes to work , I am a dumb fellow.

I got rejected in different jobs because of my bad memory and even I am struggling with my current job. Last week I lost the patience and was planning to leave my software developer job.
Then, I got to know about memory training and yes it gave me hope.

Below are the goals which I want to achieve in another 6 months…

1.) I want to completely erase the ‘dumb’ tag by having a good presence of mind as I am always lost.
2.) I want to be very good with programming.
3.) I want to become excellent in maths and reasoning.
4.) As you can notice from my writing skills, I am very bad with English vocabulary. So would like to learn around 5000 new English words.

If you all can help me in improving above points and can show a path and step by step process then it would change my life.

Please :pray:


Welcome to the site, and sorry it took a while to get a reply! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a how to learn memory techniques page.

Your writing skills don’t seem bad. Memory techniques can help increase your vocabulary. If you search the forum for #vocabulary, there are many discussions about it.

What kind of programming do you do? Is there a certain area where you’re feeling like you’re having trouble?

Welcome to this site.
If you have any problem then you can ask with me.
And if I am able to answer your questions then I helped you.

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