New user from Barcelona,Spain


I am a vivid learner and focus on long-term retention. I do follow my learn drive, learning is my #1 pleasure. I relied to SRS using Anki since 2010 to remember what I want from what I learn. I am a power user and a contributor to the Anki open-source project. In fact, I am one of the top active users on the official Discourse forum.

I am especially keen in the science behind SRS, neuroscience and memory techniques. I short time ago I (re)discovered this forum. I think I got a few google hits time to time but I never stop to register. The main point of memory sport is out of my interest. I have seen plenty of different topics that have grown my interest to share and exchange experiences and knowledge that finally I ended up making an account.

I hope I can contribute and have a positive experience. Cheers !

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Hola Guillem,

nice to have you here.