New upgrade of artofmemory

Wow! The new site is awesome! Lots of stuff seems to have disappeared though.


Sorry about that – we’re still working on migrating some things. Within a few days it should be a bit more stable. You can access the old content in the meantime here. If you visit the “forum” link there, it will send you to the new forum.

I’ll try to make the interface a bit clearer over the next few days.


Map for the sunken treasures:

Hope I got them all.

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Yes, thanks for the list – that’s all of them. I’ve added the list to the FAQs page so you can get to them from the top navbar.

I’m still working on the migration and will be able to make things clearer over the next few days. Please let us know if you have any suggestions and feedback. You can send me a message here through the forum or email [email protected].

Edit: @SimonLuisi @Finwing - we’re working on migrating the old forum posts into this new forum. I’ve updated the FAQs page with more information.


That’s very cool, thanks :smiley:

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