New to the art of memory

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My name is Jorge and I been working on the art of memory for about a year. I read 3 of Dominic’s O’Obrien books, which have helped me a lot in the art of memory adventure. Right now, I have ventured out and begin reading Tony Buzan’s Mind mapping book; however, it’s taking me a while to grasp some of his techniques. I have also downloaded Ron’s White and Joshua’s Foer audio book, which have push my motivation further in the art of memory.

Happy memories!

(Josh Cohen) #2

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:


Hi. I didn’t respond right away because I was checking out the sight, then life happened. So I am responding now. I’ve been fascinated by memory techniques for some time, but didn’t really understand how they worked till I read Foer’s book “Moonwalking With Einstein”. Then I watched a ton of YouTube video’s which led me here. I finished creating and am currently working on memorizing a PAO version of the Major System which I made. I’ve used it to memorize a couple of things so far, but still have to look up the visual cues for some numbers. I’d like to get started on the memory palace as well.

Thanks for saying hi,