New To Memory Techniques - Assistance with learning Tech/Service Mgmt Role

Hi all,

Nice to meet you all.

I’m new to mnemonics and have recently spent some time reading about it, and then listening to ‘Walking with Einstein’.

I’ve recently moved into world of IT Service Mgmt for a megacorp. I initially want to be able to learn and retain the enormous amount of processes there are and then carry on using these techniques to retain detail around how the infrastructure fits together. .

Are there any resources/books that would be particularly useful and to the point. I’m happy to pay a premium for something that cuts through the fluff.

I see this as a skill that could have a massive impact on most areas of life, but mainly my career. It’s always bugged me how I haven’t been able to retain a lot of technical detail for periods of time, but have some how forgotten by over the years.

I was even considering pulling the trigger on Anthony Metivier’ masterclass course, but not sure if it’s worth $497, when compared to books, this sites memory palace software??


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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a how to learn memory techniques page.

There are thousands of pages of free information on this site — pretty much any technique you can find in a book is explained here somewhere. To find the information you’re looking for, I recommend reading our short free ebook, because it provides a quick overview but also links deeper into the site for more information about the topics you might be interested in. If you get stuck or want examples of how to memorize something, you can ask in the forum any time. The forum’s search box can also help.

If there is something specific that you’re trying to memorize, start a new thread that contains a few examples of the data. The community can help brainstorm ways to approach it.

If you’re looking for longer books, see the page on recommended memory books. Get at least the first two books in that list and you’ll have a great foundation. The Quantum Memory Power audiobook should be free if you sign up for an Audible trial.

We do offer a pro membership option (the equivalent of USD $2.50/month for 24 months), which is a way to support this site and get extra access to training tools like the memory palace software and Memory League, but the bulk of the information here is available for free.

cheers Josh, appreciate the response.

Funny enough, I actually used a credit for Quantum Memory last month, but have yet to start it. I also read the free pdf at the same time, but for 1 reason or another I haven’t visited the subject again until I started my new job this week and realized how useful it would be to learn proper memory techniques due to the amount of information I need to absorb!

I was kind of being lazy hoping 1 course would be the golden bullet with everything I need in 1 place, rather than wade though all the different books recommendations, but I guess if the course doesn’t offer a much quicker path to learning than going through recommended books, then theres no point paying nearly £400!