New memory system for fast translation of numbers

That’s a great program for helping you learn to ‘read’ numbers in this system!

(e), (a), (t) are the most commonly used letters in English Language
In 3 letter words (a) is used 198 times
(e) is used 159 times
(o) is used 146 times
Even though (e) is used most in all words, (a) is used most in 3 letter words

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I have thought of a different system which might improve your system and in that memory system you can imagine yourself in a building filled with Karate students which you have to fight and the first two karate students wear some objects or different colored karate clothes and along with that you can visualize different colored chakras on their head,right hand ,left hand,right leg,left leg,heart and so on and you can tag each chakra with a number or letter or even both and when you hear a number being dictated then you can hit at a body part(Head,lungs,hands,kidney,liver,small intestine,large intestine,Heart,left leg,right leg,right hand,left hand), associated with the number and and for memory purpose you can assign each person with a different starting move(which must not hit you and that move be done far away from you) to identify the order of the people(or the order of the numbers) and you can think of the first two opponents as weak and if the sequence of number 00 is dictated then you can think of punching(which will always lead to your opponent falling) the head at itself and then punching him again when your opponent falls(thereby killing your opponent) and the same thing can happen when the numbers 11 are pronounced consecutively but then you must hit at your opponents heart instead of hitting at his head,and all the opponents which are not weak must wear objects at near their chackras which will be damaged or exploded when being hit(An opponent can only be hit two times) in order to account for the “a” sound which can be converted into a word,(Note some body parts have been not been written for ethical reasons and if necessary you can think of things like robots and divide their components and label them as chakras (and numbers)for this method and think of them as pegs) in this technique,Note-I know that this technique is not perfect and I will be improving it fro time to time which i think considering this method would be easy and I also have some ideas which I will like to explore in order to improve this technique in the future and Cheers.

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first two karate students wear some objects or different colored karate clothes and along with that you can visualize different colored chakras on their head

There is a reason why people use mnemonics for memorising the order of colours of the rainbow; colours tend to be not very memorable unless they are somehow relevant to a story, like someone wearing an orange t-shirt when the dress code say “black & white”. I don’t even know what the colour of my front door is (it’s not orange, very certain about that).

thanks for your input.

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Based on your username, that is the most likely (statistically speaking) guess though. :wink:

Very true… doesn’t stop some people on here though from reusing their memory palace 5 times or more in different colors.

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To elaborate somewhat more on the colour problem; In the warehouse I work I memorised 100’s of item numbers of ink fillings (for printers).

So let say:
45850201 = green: kermit the frog raising his finger
45850202 = blue: 2 dolphins drinking from the can of ink
45850203 = yellow: juggling 3 tennisballs
45850204 = brown: james brown singing 1,2,3,4 give me some more.

The first 7 digits I remember simply because I see this sequence very often.

Well I did not mention that you can use an object or even different objects with different materials and imagine them and by doing this you I believe that you and many if not most people will be able to remember the order of objects which can be 0 for head and 1 for heart and so on in ascending order I believe(please tell me if the following sentence contains incorrect information) that people will be able to know the order of objects when they need to know about it by associating the head of every Karate student in their imagination with 0(as it is the first number in your system) or 1(as head is the first part of our body going from upwards to downwards) and so on and people can also make their own systems according to their own logic and above I have written about two systems out of many systems which I believe can help to solve this problem or even completely solve it.

The problem I have with using karate students is, that whatever you do to them (punch, kick, slap, …) it doesn’t connect with what they are wearing. If you kick a grizzly bear in the groin (not a recommendation), and then you slap a giraf in the head (jump slap) and finally armbar (ronda rousey style) a gorilla… it’s more memorable than doing this to karate student 1,2 and 3.

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I believe having faith in your own system is the key rather than trying to find the “best system for yourself”, which I think will come true after spending more time on the system you have faith in, editing little by little. Because it will become the best for you, as you have faith in it, you believe it is.


In this system you can only punch a student and you can also assign your own action in place of punching,and you can find some memorable actions after reading like for example a ritual,and as for the things they are wearing they do not have to be real objects like for example a head band for men with a round bulb at its center which lights up when it is hit and other relevant and memorable objects and I made up this object due my interest in science fiction and also because I have seen a few karate students wearing headband ,and also if the karate band is hit twice it can lead to an action of the object like for example getting it’s light damaged by making it like it has been pushed or some other very interesting or memorable action,Note:The action only needs to be thought of once,along with the objects which the karate student must wear along with the building,rules and he sequence of their appearance(The words in italics are the easy parts).


I am also looking for other alternatives than karate students and if anyone of you can think of one then please tell me,Cheers.

Those are the perfect examples of how and why the brain remembers the episodic scenes.

While reading your first example I was able to imagine an action of Chuck Norris kicking the Grizzly-Bear in the groins, and he noticed it didn’t work, the bear was still standing! So he says “ooops” and runs for his life from a very Angry-Huge-Grizzly-Bear running after him! :slight_smile: That made me laugh while I was imagining that.

As it happens I have Chuck Norris the Karate man as one of my persons in my memory palace system (Port500). On his room/location He is fighting with Bruce Lee doing all the kicking moves. He was well known for his Sidekicks, so I always have him sidekicking Bruce, and Bruce doing a Karate Chop move on his leg. This gives me 5 locations in room 39 for Chuck Norris. But now I might him fighting with a grizzly-bear instead :slight_smile:

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What you need is a list of actions that are not repeated and different from each other So it is only used once for each 2 digit.

Here is a great post that has a list of actions that may give you some good ideas.

Hope this helps.

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I have been posting my ideas and our words in website called (This website has the full version of Open AI’s GTP-2) and I have been getting interesting results and ideas form it and I hope that you all will enjoy these results after trying this website.