New Memory League Feature Idea

I’ve noticed that a lot of the time when I come to the ML home page in the main chat I’m seeing people leave messages asking if anybody wants to play a game, and sometimes even if players want to play a certain discipline maybe the only other people online are only trying to play some other disciplines.

I think a cool way to possibly expedite the process of getting into games with other players would be to have an always ongoing communal game. My idea is to have an option in the ‘Compete’ tab that would allow you to join in a game that would allow all players interested to compete against each other and only at the end would you see who you were playing against and the results. If nobody else queues into the game it would basically just be a training session. And maybe 1-2 minutes between games is just a pregame lobby.

I think this would also be a nice way to get out of only training the events you like to train as you wouldn’t know what discipline the community game would be for that round. The postgame chat would also be quite nice because if there were several players and some of them got new personal bests or a top 5 everybody could congratulate them and there could be some short discussion about whatever it was they just memorized.

I know for this to work there would have to be some rewiring that would allow more than 2 competitors per event but I think it would be a nice idea that players might enjoy.



how about group competiton,rather than one vs one,


I think it’s a really interesting idea. A lot of different “scores” options come out of it. If it’s a rated game, there could be some wild results if it was a vegas-style “winter takes all” points.

Or if the points got divvied-up between top half and bottom half scores (if an odd number of players, they could be rounded down to the lower number in the winning group). It could turn the competitors into unexpected team-mates at the end if their individual results ended up contributing to wins for those collecting the winning points.

Probably need to cap out at a limit of competitors to make it a spectatable match, and would take a lot of coding for the nut-and-bolts though, and might tax a lot of server power depending on things.

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I was thinking it would just be unrated, and if you wanted a rated game then you’d have to find somebody to play that discipline as you currently do.

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I would really like to see a voice feature implemented for numbers, words and cards so you could practise what you hear (auditory memory) instead of what you see.

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