New Memeber: Max From Canada

Hello everyone

My name is Max, and I’m a DevOps Engineer in Canada

I’ve become interested in memory techniques through a video about memory on Joe Scott’s Youtube
Channel. In general I have been interested in cognitive self improvement for a very long time.
I am sort of trying to assemble the best intellectual toolkit possible (similar to what I am doing in IT),
and I think memory is a big part of that.
I always had a good memory but I started to wonder what if I could use more of it “on demand”.
Also very enjoyed 'Moon-walking with Einstein", and that is what led me here.

I have just begun practicing a few days ago in an attempt to study for my midterms in college. Although I did not study nearly enough results seem promising. Using just 7 loci I was able to cram the entire Multithreading in Java section for my midterm with perfect recall in just 1 day.

I am really looking to become competitive at least for now but I am very interested if I can apply the techniques discussed here to memorization of IT and Technology books and especially improvement in coding.

I have only found 1 blog that talks about memorizing Ruby, but I am sure at least at this point that application of those techniques to technical literature is a goldmine (in the productivity not the money sense) waiting to be tapped. If you were successful in memorizing technical books or concepts (especially coding) please let me know and point me in the right direction.

Excited to be part of this community


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Welcome to the site @CleverCactus!

It is very nice to see that people are using memory techniques in day to day life to improve their knowledge and skills.

You will find many useful posts and topics in this forum just keep exploring. Also Ask about anything and share your content here, the community here is very helpful.

That’s awesome, you can share your methods and systems here about how you did it. It will help other users here looking for similar problems.