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Hi , I m based just outside of London . My interest is to improve my recall and practice these skills with my kids. I did a memory course just before school exams and have always wondered why they taught these skills weeks before the big day rather than years before.

I ā€˜m going to work thru some of the techniques with the children and hopefully they will be more expert than me. Of course this could be dangerous as they might note every word and no doubt parrot it back.

Iā€™m a delivery driver and hopefully can find some training mp3s to stretch my brain and prevent it completely shutting down .

Any pointers on where to start and games to play with the children would be much appreciated

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Wow, I am impressed that they at least taught it :smiley: lol.

I recommend training with your palaces regularly keeping yourself familiar with them. I also highly recommend training the words discipline, this will make you a skilled memorize for real-life.

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You probably have a well developed spatial memory from your job so definitely use memory palaces or journeys to take advantage of that.

Good luck teaching the kids. Hopefully they are more receptive than pretty much everyone I talk about it with.

Oh and welcome!

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