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My name is David and I live in Geneva, Switzerland but I was born in England :slight_smile:

Improving my memory is a no brainer to me, I need to perfect my French, want to learn Italian plus learn new subjects too.

I hate not remembering people’s names one minute after meeting them and a ton of another annoying similar things.

When I was a teenager I used to remember everyones home phone number, mobiles and the internet was not even invented then :slight_smile:

That is about it, looking to try and dedicate 30 minutes a day to this and hope in a year I will see significant progress.

I forgot to mention, I love the idea of being able to memorise a deck of cards and use that as a party trick, I think it is cool.



Welcome, David, and best of luck on your memory journey!

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Your goals are so awesome! I recommend getting the basics down since everything will build off them like a card system, memory palace, story method, and such. Then focus on one project until you get a good foothold so you don’t feel so overwhelmed from learning everything at once!!