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I’m Medmon from Mumbai India, 56 years old, with a rapidly fading, memory. So, I thought I’d drop in and figure out from the experts over here, how to improve myself.

I’m also an amateur saxophonist, and I would like to start memorising songs, poems and other soliloquies that I like. Just because they are so beautiful. This site will definitely help me do so.

Many thanks for the excellent resource!



Hey Medmon! my name is Aum, 18 yrld, from Gujrat. I started memory training 2-3 weeks ago by doing the Mega Memory course by Kevin Trudeau. Now I’m learning through the book by Harry Lorayne and just made the first image list for the Major system 00-99. anyway just wanted to say hi and I hope you learn something helpful, best wishes!

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Thanks Josh!

Hi Aum, great to hear from you. Many thanks for taking the time to reply.