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Hi every one this is LakshmiKanthan (LK) from India, basically I’m a postgraduate completely degree in business administration, hopefully come across the YouTube videos relating some useful links and concepts which help myself to explore more and in turn which can build myself to help other by mastering init, that’s the basic need of my search finally I reach the right destination to interact with such a nice people around the world you already excel and some other were the beginners like me hope they will guide throughout the journey of all situations to overcome and help me guide me, once again Hi to all, have a great day nice meeting you all வணக்கம் :pray::+1:

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Welcome LakshmiKanthan, this forum is full of deep knowledge and experiences of people, and you will need considerable time going through the posts. The way I find quicker is to search for my topic of interests and then visit the posts which are shown.

Someday I just visit the forum and read what is discussed currently and through the discussions I get a lot of references to old posts which take me to more interesting topics and things to learn.

Hope you enjoy your stay on this forum like all of us who keep on lurking here.


Hi Josh, thank you very much nice joining here have a great day

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Absolutely! You can end up down a rabbit hole here, there’s such a wealth of information buried in past discussions.