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Name Floydg, Age 88, I read “Moonwalking with Einstein” and was facinated by the prospect of improving my memory. I don’t really know how to get started; repeatedly, it is indicated that practice is a major key. My problem is, “How do you practice when you don’t know what or how to practice.” I have read about Memmory palaces, Loci, etc and the PAO method (which I do not completely understand). I have always tried to memorize poetry by rote but have had only limited sucess. My guess is that memory palaces MUST be comitted to memory first (By ROTE) prior to any meaningful activity. As you can tell by my age I don’t have too much time left so my feeling is that I must get on with it. But How ???

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Have you seen the page about how to build a memory palace yet? We also have a free e-booklet that you can download.

People usually create memory palaces/journeys in advance, but they don’t have to be elaborate. You can even use your own body as a memory palace with locations like this:

  1. top of head
  2. forehead
  3. eye
  4. nose
  5. mouth
  6. shoulder
  7. elbow
  8. hand
  9. etc.

Then place one mnemonic image at each location. For example, if you were going to remember a shopping list, you could picture the first item in the first location (top of head), the second item in the second location (forehead), etc.

Is there something specific that you would like to memorize?

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The best memory palaces are already in your head: rooms in your house, or your workplace (even a workplace that you worked in some years ago - even if it has in fact now changed since you left). It can be a single room, and a walk around the well-known objects in the room. You don’t have to make up memory palaces. That just adds to your workload. Can you find your way down a street and remember some of the buildings/shops/businesses and what order they come in as you walk? Then you’ve got a memory palace. You can even use the same one for a different set of things you want to remember…or, as in my case, for the way paragraphs follow each other in a section of text.