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Hello everyone I am Monk. I am very shy but I do follow the request to do an introduction. But prefer to be far in the back away from people. I will give you’ll enough information to understand where I am at so you’ll can point me in the correct direction and provide me the proper tools to move forward.

Just to let every one know I have doing the Memory Palaces all my life without evening knowing it because it came naturally to me.

Then almost 2 decades ago I had a trauma that killed everything i had inside of me. All my emotions and what made me a great person that everyone liked allot. For many years in my kingdom all the palaces came down and that trauma made me lose my knowledge experiences everything I held dear to my heart was gone, lost, or just cannot be found. For years I have been behind a virtual high tech fortress and fear moved in so I found my safe room where fear could not come in.

I joined here for many reasons:

To find out who I really am now and did the person I was before the trauma came back but an improve version or what?
To recall everything from that trauma till today because it is like my memories are in a pile of rubble somewhere out there in my kingdom of memory palaces to regain these memory palaces through others assistants like you.

To improve all my focus and considerations and block those triggers that knock me down which I have no I have no abilities to work or function.

The greatest thing I want here is to build myself back up so I can work by having an online business and assist others like myself and encourage them and give them hope, Get educated in 3 main areas: a business system for online business, languages - Chinese Mandarin, Tamil, advance math, and computer language - Python so I can do some coding.and build apps and software.

I hope this helps because I am still figuring out who I am within the kingdom which I call my mind.


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Welcome to the site! If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a free ebooklet [PDF]. Let us know if you have any questions.