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Hi all,

I’m a student in Belgium (from the US, but studying here) who will be just starting to study biochemistry. Trying to make memory palaces and memory techniques more of a go-to skill rather than something I use when it becomes too difficult to do it the normal way.

I don’t really have any memory feats to speak of. I’ve historically been good at school, but I’ve almost never used memory techniques for school so far. Most recent thing I’ve done is remember the main points I wanted to talk about with some numbers mixed in.

I just finished studying Dutch so that I can study biochemistry in Dutch here (certified fluent now), and memory palaces weren’t particularly useful at the time because my biggest challenges were when I had less time to think about things during speaking (for example, if a noun was neuter or masculine/feminine). I presume that it will be more useful when studying biochemistry, so I’m trying to get closer to being able to do it faster and more spontaneously.

Joined the forum so that I can expose myself more and more to the ideas here and be more motivated to dedicate time to it even though I tend to be very busy and exhausted.

Have a nice day, everyone!


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

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