New member: Ylyala, male, 26, Poland

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My name is Tomasz, i’m an artist. I found about mnemonics some years ago during my university time. I was blown away, i’ve red Dominic’s book “How to develop perfect memory”. I had big ambitions but i never really change permamently. My biggest achievement was remembering 40 digit number.

I dont know if i have bad memory by nature, i’ve always forgot things, but i think its because of lack of focus, interest and me being easily distracted.

Anyway, my main goal is:

Learn Dutch in 3 months.
Nothing big, for small talk purposes, i dont need to be perfect gramatically but i want to comunicate with people. I want to study only 1hour a day. My idea is to learn most used words, first 100 then some conversations and then gramatics and gradually more words. I dont really now how to approach it. Just started to read the forum, i will probbably find something in the search.

Other than that i’m interested in remembering lyrics, music melodies, poems, history facts, And most important how to organize palaces.

Im not interested in memory compettitions. Only personal purposes. I want better recall, creativity, and visualization skills. Is there any exercises/routines which can help develop it?

Thats it for now. I’m glad that i found you, thank you to all for engagement in building this forum. It is beautifull source of knowledge, and i will exploit it as much as i can xD

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for visualization exercises, type “visualization” into the search box. There is a free ebooklet on how to get started with memory techniques here.

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Hi Tomasz.

Im new here to, but welcome to this great forum. :-) Im current learning all the country´s and capitols in the world, and was inspired by the book “Memo”
by Oddbjørn By, where he also teach a method (among many things like language, Latin, Pi etc) to learn history facts!

Best of luck with your goals, im sure you´ll get there!